Week 01


1) Assessing your knowledge on Arduino hardware/software, sensors, SuperCollider, Max.
2) Measuring your expectations.

Understanding course outline, task and project structure, etc. Appreciating the current research and work in the areas of sensor technology with music.

Week 02

Stech_01_Sensors and Stech_02_Interface

1) Arduino Hardware/Software revision.
2) Potentiometer, piezo, infrared, LDR, ... multimeter. 3) Interfacing Arduino with SC, Max, Processing.

Understanding basic Arduino: power, digital and analogue I/O, communications as well as signal visualisation. Understanding common and affordable sensors used in creative music technology.

Week 03


Using the simplified C Arduino programming language to make music using pots, piezo and servo motors.

Understanding basic methods to make sound/music within the Arduino programming environments.

Week 04


Using Servos to make music.

Understanding basic methods to make sound/music by linking servos with Arudino and other environments.

Week 05


Introduction to Kinect, Leap for motion detection, Brain Computer Interfacing, webcam, ...

Understanding basic methods to make sound/music by using high-end-sensor with SuperCollider and Max.

Week 06

Your progress

A short presentation on the present state of tasks to be submitted.

Mind mapping

How to pull the strings together work a project idea.

Review and open discussion shall provide valuable information on project’s strength/weaknesses.

Week 07

Further sensors and music programming

Revision/addition of SuperCollider, Max, Processing skills. Midi, ... Checking other website's and Richard's for inspiration.

Week 08

Guest lecture


Week 09-10-11


Reviewing and discussing work with the class or individually if desired. Assignment clarification if needed. Your show your work in progress assignments to the class for feedback.

Week 12


Compulsory performances of A6 Final. Consider it as a celebration of your hard work.

Due to different student experience and expectations, this outline can be subject to change.

Detailed notes for each week will be added gradually to this website.