week 01

Introduction In COM101

Let's see what we can do here?

There are no lectures here in this workshop, you come here to work on your assignments and to receive feedback for them.

If everyone is here we can check the website and Canvas. If people missing we wait until we get to Hel040.

Introduction IN Hel040

  • Who is here?
  • Now some motivational talk :)


What's In It For Me?

Everything you do should have a personal benefit for you, otherwise, you will be unmotivated to do it.


Interact with your classmates and other students. Perhaps even involve them in your work i.e. record them in the studio or ask them to play live in your project.

Failure is feedback

Don't worry if something doesn't work out, learn from it, that's what failing is for, nothing else. Try to look at a situation from more than one angle.

Time and space for work

Remember a situation when you managed to concentrate easily and progress in your work? You should create these situation for yourselves, schedule them in. Discover your personal learning style, what works for me, might not work for you, we are different. Some ideas for before you start work:

  • find a piece of music, picture, letter, ... that motivates you;
  • your physical condition is tied to your psyche... don't sit for too long, move around, have breaks, eat and drink, etc...
  • break you project down into small tasks, priorities them and start working;

Create your own environment, create your reality where you feel comfortable working.

Learning material folder

In this folder you can find the code/patches and additional information we will use in class. In addition to the weekly classroom demonstrations, I will try to create a video demonstration and upload it online for each of the examples in these folders. This video could come handy later if for instance you missed a class.

Some question

  • What have you covered last year concerning the Arduino and sensors?
  • What have you had difficulties with?
  • Have you got ideas for your final/individual (60%) project?
  • Can your BA major project benefit from this module? (update major project file).
  • Have you got an Arduino/cables/breadboard/sensors?
  • Do you work with Mac/Windows/Linux?

Canvas and module website

Let's check both and this website in more detail.

Any questions?

If not, we can get started with the material in week 02.

Mastery takes practice and repetition.